In 2008 I started my research project that deals with South African children who struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder. I specifically started looking at the various parts of their lives that are most affected by symptoms of impulsivity, inattention and hyperactivity, like school and their social lives, relationships with their families and their self-esteem.

Results from this research showed that children with ADHD in our country struggle most  at school. It also indicated that boys and girls have very different ways of coping with their ADHD symptom-related difficulties. Along the way, I have met many special kids and their families, and it became clear to me that every individual child struggles and copes in their own unique way. More important than classification and diagnosis, is the clinical understanding of each child's unique presentation, and we should tailor our interventions in ways that target their specific symptom profile, needs and difficulties.

I have decided to continue with this research at a doctorate level. Over the next three years I will be collecting more data from children and families, regarding their functional impairment and symptom profiles. This will be followed by the design, implementation and  evaluation of a treatment plan. This intervention will be informed by the results of the data collection phase of the research. 

Assessment and participation in this research study is free. For any more information about this study or to become a participant, please contact me at:

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